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Siminar: Your Presentation in Virtual Reality

First there was the seminar. Then there was the webinar. Now, we have created the Siminar, a one of a kind application for hosting presentations, lectures, and meetings in virtual reality.

Have you ever heard a lecture from a renowned astrophysicist on the moons of Saturn? Or attended a talk on the history of Rome from inside the colosseum? In the past, this was impossible. Now it’s just another day in Agora.

Virtual reality has the power to captivate, engage, and impress like no medium ever before. By tapping into this power, the Siminar captures the audience’s attention from the first moment and holds it through to the very end. With virtual reality we can replicate the feeling of attending a presentation in person and do it at a scale never seen before. The Siminar is the most effective way for companies, organizations, and people to tell their story - all you need is a VR headset and an idea to share.

Step 1

Create Your Siminar
Choose a presentation topic and develop the content - we’ll create the virtual environment

Step 2

Deploy to Global Audience
Attendees around the world use an HMD and the Agora client to connect to your Siminar

Step 3

Present the Big Idea
Share your knowledge with the audience. Dazzle with 3D visuals. Start a conversation.

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